Informed Consent Process

Date: August 08 2014 Time: 16:00 - 17:00 IST


Inform consent is very important process during any clinical research, it is related with main element i.e. protection of human being, According to present law guiding clinical research, it is important for every researcher to know all integral component of it..

Webinar would cover:

  1. Elements of Consent

  2. Waiving/altering consent

  3. Waiving documentation of consent

  4. Process of consent

  5. Consent for Non-English speaking participants/ English speaking participants with low literacy

  6. Video recording of Inform consent process

Target Audience:

All Clinician, CRO, Clinical Researcher, Academician involved in research

Speaker: Dr. Chinmay Shah

He is currently working as an Associate Professor in Govt. Medical College,  Bhavnagar.
He has pursued MBBS, MD (PHYSIOLOGY), PGDHM,  Sujok Therapy, PG Diploma in Health Professional Education.

  1. Fellow of GSMC- FAIMER Regional institute 2008.

  2. Fellow of College of Chest Physician. New Delhi 2004

He has done almost 20 Research Projects which include completed as well as in progress.
He has written 3 books:

  1. Handbook “Last Minute Revision in Biochemistry for Homeopathic Student”

  2. Online book on Basic Workshop On Medical Education Technology (e-book)

  3. Editor in 10th Year Celebration of GSMC-FAIMER : Reflection of Fellow

To his credit lies 37 articles in international journals and 45 articles in national journals. He is also an Editor/Reviewer 23 journals.
He has been a guest lecturer in many courses. Dr. Chinmay has presented papers on 58 topics.

Organizations Affiliated With

    1. Society of Directors of Research in Medical Education

    2. Association  of Reproductive Health Professional

    3. Secretary, Indian Medical Association, Bhavnagar Branch

    4. Member of South –east Asian regional association for Medical Education  


    6. Member of Geneva foundation for medical education and research.

    7. Associate Member of world association of medical editors

    8. Member of Child Health and Nutrition research initiative

    9. Member if scientific advisory board 

    10. Member of Indian institute of holistic medicine

    11. Secretary, VishaKhadayta Samast Vnik Samaj

    12. Member of Asia Pacific Association of Medical Editors

    13. Indian Association of medical editors


Award and Achievements

  1. IMA Medachievers award for 2014 by IMA HQ for contribution in Health care on 1st July 2014 by Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare and also Union Minister of PMO

  2. IMA Bhavnagar Branch has been awarded "BEST IMA LOCAL BRANCH Rotating Trophy of Gujarat State Branch (For Major Branch > 500 )"for year 2012-13 by IMA HQ,  New Delhi

  3. IMA Bhavnagar Branch has been awarded Y T Patel  Best  rural community service award for the year 2012-13 by IMA GSB

  4. IMA Bhavnagar Branch has been awarded  B.T.Trivedi Best community service award for the year 2011-12 by IMA GSB

  5. Awarded the status of "IAO-Certified Faculty Member" by AO - International Accreditation Organization, USA

  6. Evaluating Glycaemic Control And Its Correlation With Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) In Ambulatory Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM) Subjects Of An Urban Area Of Gujarat, India Jayesh D Solanki, Amit H Makwana, H B Mehta, Pradnya A Gokhale, Chinmay J Shah,H M Vaghela at International Conference on Basic and Applied Physiology, ICON - BAP, 2013 21-22 December 2013 (First prize)

  7. Assessment of obesity in the school children (First prize) at first APPI Ahmedabad Conference Jan 2007

  8. Lipid Profile  in Diabetes Mellitus. (FIRST PRIZE) at Silver Jubilee (Association of Physician) APGCON at Bhavnagar

  9. HIV TB ASSOIATION  (special prize) at IX Annual   conference of Indian Association of Preventive and                     social medicine, Gujarat State Chapter at Bhavnagar

  10. Item Analysis of Presently available Books at 6th Annual Conference of anatomical society of India. On 23rd January 2011 : (Third Prize)

  11. Learning Styles Adopted By Medical Students-( Best Poster Award) at  Vinbasix 2010 National Conference on basic Medical Sciences at Vinayaka Mission Medical College and Hospital, Salem, Tamildu  

  12. The relationship between emotional intelligence and academic achievement in fresher”. dr.M.Shanishchara, Dr.H.B.Mehta, Dr.C.Shah, Dr.H.Vaghela at State conference on Human Physiology & Applied physiology -18th feb., 2012 at BJMC A’bad( Second PRIZE)

  13. “Study of cardiac output based om non-invasive impedance plethysmography in healthy volunteers; Dr.C.Parmar,Dr.D Prajapati, Dr.P Gokhale, Dr.H.Mehta, Dr.C.Shah at State conference on Human Physiology & Applied physiology -18th feb., 2012 at BJMC A’bad. (FIRST PRIZE)



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