Certificate of participation



Healtheventz.com management has decided to provide Certificate of Participation to students (should be related to Health) free of cost.  The certificates will be available in soft copy and can be generated through this website. One will receive a certificate id to generate the certificate in their emails, provided the below terms & condition are met.

In order to get the certificate, student has to provide his/her college ID card through email and ask for the certificate id.

In case the students watched the live telecast of webinars in their college, their course coordinator has to provide the list of students present during the webinar in the college letter head and send the scanned copy to us through email.  

Students watching webinars through colleges have to register for the webinar and fill up the details in form provided and the in place of company name – one should provide their college name.

"Certificates of previous webinars are also available."


In case a user is not a student and wants the Certificate of Participation, one need to pay Rs. 500/- or  U.S. $11.  (Please note that cash deposit payments are not accepted). For more details please send an email

Points to remember

Names should be typed in the registration form as you want it to be printed on certificates, including salutation i.e. Mr/ Ms/ Dr. etc. No modification of names is possible afterwards.

Students need to attend the webinar in full i.e. till the end of webinar in order to get the certificates. We have detailed report as how much duration a user has attended the webinar.

All certificate id are generated towards the end of month and sent through email.

In case of any queries please send an email or comment below. (don’t type your personal information in the comment box)

The certificates can be verified by the employer anytime with the Certificate Id through Http://healtheventz.com

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