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Although marketing has a long history in other industries, it is a relatively recent phenomenon in healthcare.

Marketing has a long history in other industries, but it is a relatively new phenomenon in healthcare.
Marketing in Healthcare industry is different from other industries, virtually in every industry the end user is the responsible for the buying the good or services. Usually this is not the case in healthcare, where the healthcare provider is the decision maker that, what, where, when and how much product/services are to be provided and hence marketing in healthcare is much harder and different from other marketing process and strategies

The recent trend of hospital closures, merges, affiliations, disruptive innovation, healthcare consumerism , mhealth and entrants of non-conventional healthcare service providers will push healthcare service providers further down the chain, threatening their very survival.
Marketing & Branding is now a critical part of any healthcare service providers to retain its existing customers as well as to attract new clients.

What would be covered in this series:
Major part of this series would focus on using and utilizing every aspect of digital marketing. For example – social media marketing in healthcare, content strategy & marketing, mobile marketing, local marketing, search engine marketing, SEO, Engagement marketing etc.

Who should attend this series of e-workshop:
Every stakeholder- Doctors, marketers, Hosptial Adminstrators & Management students, Independent practices/clinics who want to know maintain & attract patients can attend this series of webinar and workshop.
For students of Hospital Administration it would be like adding an additional credential to your professional portfolio as having knowledge of marketing/e-marketing would be an essential part of your everyday job profile.

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