Users willing Speak on HealthEventz.com Webinar or any other Healthcare events can register as a speaker.

User who want to post & publicize their events related to Healthcare, Medicine, Pharmaceutical & Biotech for free can to register

HealthEventz.com registered users who are registered can only post events

Any event, training, workshop, trade fairs, webinars related to Health, Pharmaceuticals, Medical, Biotech industry can be posted on Healtheventz.com

You can post as many different events as you like. But posting same events more than once can lead to permanent ban.

Healtheventz.com will create online events (video show , Weibnar, video conferencing) that could be accessible to user across the globe. We also organize offline events.

You most welcome to share your knowledge. You just need to create a webinar topic in members area. If your topic gets approved, time schedule will be discussed with you for organizing the webinar

It is absolutely free. If your topic is approved we provide free platform for you to speak and share your experience with others

Healtheventz is a free knowledge sharing platform. We donot pay speakers for free events/webinars

If we organize paid event/webinars we definitely pay our speakers

Not at all. Please read our privacy policy.

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